The changing car

The first car was created in 1885. Since then there have been a lot of cars with many features and upgrades.


(First car by Ford)


Today’s cars use a fuel which pollutes a lot. People are conscious about that, but they still prefer having their own car and using public transport the least. Some scientists are investigating a new fuel that pollutes less in the future.


A few years ago, cars were small and they had not got the widgets that the cars today have. E.g. in newer cars you can connect your phone to the radio and play the songs you have on your playlist.

The car that I like the most is my current car. It is a C-Max and I like it because of its easy way to drive, its modern appearance and its comfortable interior.



Welcome to my blog

tumblr_m81i4xLQqG1ra0v4co1_500I’m Patricia, “Patri”, a student in 1st of Bachiller and I’m 16 years old. I’m studying in Carmelitas (Alicante, Spain). I like listening to music, reading, writting and drawing with image-editing programs. In this blog I’ll post some of my drawings.

I hope you like it! ~